A boy surrounded by nature

I am a guy who loves skateboard, photography, nature, plants, specially travelling. I love to do every good things in life. I grew up in a small town and we don´t really have a lot of things to do there. We don´t have skatepark, I don´t have any camera or like a bike because my parents can´t afford it.  The only thing I did was hanging around the nature with my friends. Sometimes I use to carry a bag with food and go down to the river and hearing the sound of water and the winds. It feels amazing. My childhood was surrounded by nature.

I was a bit stupid when I grew up. I never sinned, I never use bad words or anything like that. But the sin I did was picking flowers from other people’s yard, yeah I know it was kind of stupid. But I love flowers they are beautiful and I don´t know how to explain how much I love flowers. The flower I love to pick is hibiscus. I remember the first time I pick hibiscus from a yard. I went slowly into the garden so no-one hear my  footstep and pick one or two hibiscus and run. But the lady who owns the yard she always get mad and start to chase me but I was too fast so she didn´t get me. Then I told my friend that “poor lady she has a lot of hibiscus in her garden and she is very stingy her flowers are about to die if I don´t pick them”.

But I don´t really know the reason why I love to pick flower from the others yard. I have a lot of flowers and plants in my garden but I am not stingy to give them away. I am happy to give things away, because it makes me happy.

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