Lost myself

Mistake Deep in my Soul

My soul is like the ocean, it´s very deep and mysterious. In this deep ocean I have lot of madness, sadness, and happiness.  Every special thing that happen in my life are drowned into this deep soul.This is a Mistake Deep in my Soul.

When I went to high school I was very shy to be myself. I was afraid of showing who I am and I definitely lied about myself. I lied because I want to impress my friends. And every time I lied it feels like that I am losing myself. It doesn´t feel right. And it kind of haunt me sometimes. I am a kid who don´t like to lie. I want to be honest with everything and everyone around me. I never told lies to my parents. Even if I did I admit that I lied.

I did anything to make people happy around me even when I am depressed. I laugh and I make funny things and I helped them. But in the end of the day when I get in trouble and when I need to tell them about my feelings they all ignores me it kind of feel sad because everything I did for them is like nothing. After that I really felt alone. Sometimes I got a message from classmates that they don´t want to be friend with me anymore. I ask them why ? but they replied therefore! And when I walk through the corridor it kind of feel weird when everyone stare at me like nothing.

I went to school with a pain in my heart. I was tired of school sometimes. But I really tried to be happy. Sometimes it feels like that people that came into my life always leaves me without reason. Even autumn leaves has a reason when they fall down from the trees.

But in the end of the day I realized that nothing is important than me. I decided to think about my future and let the past flow away. And I want to remind you that just be yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are.


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